LtE Doodlings – This stands as well today as it did back in 2006

Illegals and EconomyI’m trying to find some information in the second level basement of my emails – with well over 10GB of emails, there’s a lot of sub-basements to look through.  I stumbled across this Letter to the Editor and unfortunately, it rings as true today as it did back in 2006 (reformatted):

Doug Lambert’s column pointed out the differences between those coming here to be Americans and share our responsibilities and those here only to work and benefit from our prosperity. Ms. Morrissette amplified that, only to be taken to task by both Mr. Babcock and Mr. Cracraft. And, both of them missed the nuances and essential points of the discussion.

Yes, our current culture is an amalgam of those that preceded us. Nor is there disagreement that we can be proud of our heritages. But they miss the point entirely when they think that Mr. Lambert’s and Ms. Morrissette’s only view of Americans is one wrapped in the Flag. Mr. Babcock writes “Being a citizen of this country is about understanding and believing that every person is entitled to embrace what they choose to and to think what they want to think.”. On the surface, this would seem to be nice, even to ring true. However….

The Politically Correctness rally cry of “Celebrate diversity” is correct, but only to a point.

There are large and real differences between Multiculturalism (the belief that states all cultures, regardless of their values, are morally equal), Multi-ethnicity (the aggregate of many cultures coming together), and Assimilation (the leaving of the precepts of one’s culture and accepting those of the host culture). Being an American is not just being born here or becoming naturalized – it should be a celebration of accepting the ideals of America, adherence to its laws, and basking in its traditions. While there is a place to rejoice over one’s heritage, the American one should come first.

Without shared values, shared history, a shared language, and a shared sense of values, there is no united country. Without these, we become a Balkanized society – a salad instead of the proverbial melting pot. While it is nice to think that anyone can think, embrace, and do anything, it is this apparent lack of assimilation on the part of illegal aliens that is the underlying problem that we are trying to articulate. One only has to look at Canada as an example when assimilation is not the goal of those that have migrated to another country. There, enclaves of Muslims are agitating to implement Islamic Shar’ia law and rejecting Canadian law.

This lack of embracing assimilation is a warning flag in the illegals that are coming here, regardless of their home country. In times past, immigrants relied on their sponsors or social groups to help the transition from the “old” country to the new. In the end, however, they made it on their own. Or not. Nowadays, this is often not the case. With the massive welfare state stemming from the Great Society of the 60’s and the accompanying entitlement mentality, there is no incentive to assimilate. And many of us think it unfair that illegals, who should not be here at all, are able to take advantage of our social safety net.

For this, we are branded as being anti-immigration. Again, the PC crowd are attempting to redefine words. Rather, the phrase is anti-illegal aliens! Immigration, the lawful and orderly movement of citizens-to-be has been, is, and should continue to be highly prized. Our argument is not a display of racism as insinuated. Not xenophobia; this is observing a lack of respect for our immigration policy; a failing of assimilation. I just want those that enter our country without following our laws not be able to reap any benefit.

Ms. Morrissette tried to reinforce that many of the illegals are not here to become Americans but only share in our prosperity. Instead, be one of us, and not take from us, but follow our laws in doing so. Much of what she explained is true – lowering wages, paying few taxes, placing large burdens on our social systems (the LA school district alone spends more than $270 million / year to educate children that should not be here), and then sending money (over $20 Billion a year) home to their countries. This is the kind of guest worker that has gotten many of the European countries into trouble with their non-assimilating “guest workers” – a perpetual underclass.

The point is also missed concerning sovereignty. Light is made of the Reconquista movement, of the slow-motion invasion. The quote is “war is politics by other means”. Demographics is politics by other means as well. Go to California – it is easy to see. A basic understanding that flooding our country with those who break our laws, regardless of where they come from, will not make us stronger.

According to the Las Vegas Sun (5/16/06), the Mexican government will be suing to keep OUR National Guard from patrolling OUR border. Mr. Babcock and Mr. Cracraft, don’t you also find it infuriating that a foreign country is trying to dictate how we control our border?

Oh, by the way…..While heralding their own brand of outlook as being tolerant and forgiving, both Mr. Babcock and Mr. Cracraft seem to think that making personal attacks on those that disagree with you is OK. By doing so (e.g., insinuating Mr. Lambert is a racist, Ms. Morrissette is motivated by fear, attacking conservative Christians), you demonstrate the very intolerance of which you accuse them.

And yes, the Left still hurls the same invectives at us that they did back then – only higher in volume and in intensity. Nowadays, insisting that those that come here should also assimilate to us (instead of, as the Left desires) is the highest form of xenophobia.  My answer is “why have a country at all, then”? That question is even more timely as we have recently seen as the Co-Chair of the Democrat National Committee, US Rep Keith Ellison, was videotaped wearing a shirt with “yo no creo en fronteras.” – (I don’t believe in borders) essentially, advocating for open borders:

Keith Ellison - I dont believe in borders t-shirt

Without borders, we have no country – and the Democrats have just signaled that is part of their 2018/2020 campaign platform.

The more things change and all that…..