Legacy – Obama, on being erased

Obama pencil Trump eraser

In my last post, I said Obama had done his work “on the cheap.” While some of his “transformation of America” was legislative (like Obamacare), much of it was simply by Executive Order. That’s good only until some other President decides to rescind it. Of course, all of the Obamanauts are complaining madly about this. How DARE Trump act this way. Well, that’s why he was elected, buckos, to reverse what Obama and his minions did. And in attacking Trump, they are so full of hubris they don’t understand that they hurl insults upon we Deplorables (and remind us all that your side thinks of us as irredeemable Deplorables clinging to our religion and guns: in other words, all white trash). They still haven’t figured out that they are the ones fulfilling the phrase “that’s how you get more Trump.” He was a direct response to Obama and his policies as well as the “go along – get along” Republicans.

  1. Without the flowery and languid language, it comes down to two things that have made it eminently easy for Trump to do this:
  2. Obama was lazy – he couldn’t be bothered to follow and promote solid legislation to get his agenda accomplished
  3. Obama knew that his agenda was so divisive (which helped fuel the rise of the TEA Party) he knew he couldn’t get it through Congress anyways – see #1.

The Obama sycophants know this; they just prefer to throw the race card in a futile attempt to convince the public Trump is racist. They also are relying on a skewed judiciary to thwart Trump rolling back Obama’s E.O.’s.

Other than that, they’ve got nuttin’.

(H/T: Powerline)