Former Student Tries to Shoot Up Illinois School – Resource Officer Takes Him Down

Image: Chicago Tribune

A disgruntled former student shows up during Graduation rehearsal and starts shooting. Resource Officer responds, follows, and shoots the suspect, who was the only one injured.

A school resource police officer is being lauded as a hero for intervening when a former student at Dixon High School opened fire Wednesday morning near the school gym where students were gathered for a graduation rehearsal, authorities said.

The officer, identified by the city as 15-year department veteran Mark Dallas, shot and injured the gunman after the suspect fired at the officer while trying to flee, police said.

The suspect, identified as 19-year-old former student Matthew A. Milby, was taken into custody, and no one else was injured in the gunfire exchange, authorities said.

Armed adults at public schools protecting students  – 1
Liberal politicising to advance the gun-grab agenda – 0

For those interested in assigning blame you can blame the gun of the resource officer for saving everyone else’s life.