Data Point: Diversity on colleges only goes skin-deep

Melissa-Click You need to get outEmphasis mine:

A new study shows liberal bias on campus by the numbers, revealing a startling gap between Democrats and Republicans among college faculty. Nearly 40 percent of the colleges surveyed had zero professors who identify as Republicans.

Using a sample of 51 top-ranked liberal arts colleges, the study looked at 8,688 full-time, Ph.D.-holding professors and found that the ratio of Democrats to Republicans is 10.4:1, or around 10 Democrat professors for every one professor registered as a Republican.

If the military colleges West Point and Annapolis are removed from the sample, that ratio widens even further: nearly 13 Democrats for each Republican professor.

And you wonder why our Culture has changed? With Hillary complaining that 41% of Democrats affirm they are Socialists, you wonder why our Culture has changed?

(H/T: The Blaze)

by Skip

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