Blogline of the Day – Another day, another politician dissing Normals

It beats out the title of the actual post:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Let’s Face It, The NRA Is Just Shy Of Being A Terrorist Organization

This is how you get more Trump.  Have they no idea what goes through the minds of law abiding NRA members (and sympathizers) when that invective never seems to stop from the Party that definitely wants to disarm the civilian populations (because that’s what Socialists want and do)? Let’s get real – she really doesn’t belief her own words of “just shy of being”; she DOES believe exactly that.  The Left is always talking that the Right uses “dog whistles” – tell me, this isn’t one to her own base (that is, if she actually has one left down there in FL)?

Trump is not the problem – he is the manifestation of the problem the Left is creating all by its lonesome. If folks like Schultz keep running their yaps, those that voted him in will be quite happy (and perhaps, amused) to do it again just to do the eye, pointed stick stuff.

(H/T: Hot Air)