“the unique mayhem that gun violence afflicts upon this nation.” - Granite Grok

“the unique mayhem that gun violence afflicts upon this nation.”

Global Mass shootings per capitaIn 2009 president Obama framed -gun violence in America as unique. That’s a liberal talking point to advance a gun-grabbing agenda meant to give the federal government a force-majority over its people. But taken out of that context it is true. Gun violence accounts for only a fraction of all violence in the United States. And when compared to the rest of the world is unique in that there’s a lot less of it on American soil.

From the Crime Prevention Research Center.

Our list of the worst mass public shootings collected cases where at least 15 were killed has been updated through January 15, 2017.  Since 1970, all of the 20 worst mass public shootings occurred outside the US.  Muslims also committed 18 of the worst 20 mass public shootings in the world.  All 20 of the worst mass public shootings occurred outside the US, and that was also true for 40 of the worst 44.  It is possible that we are still missing even some of these large mass public shootings prior to 2000, but any of the ones being missed are outside of the US, Canada, the Commonwealth countries, and Europe.

Global Mass shootings frequency

There’s a lot more detail here, here, and even a rebuttal to a Snopes “fact check” here.

Sadly, for the left and their narrative mules, hands, fists, feet, bats, knives, cars, trucks, even bathtubs are more dangerous to the health and welfare of America’s than rifles.

“…in an anti-gun article in the Washington Post from April of this year, it was noted that 1,081 people had died in mass shootings from 1966 to the present. In other words, roughly 21 people per year died in mass shootings over the last 52 years. Just as a point of comparison, almost one American per day (335 per year) drowns in a bathtub, hot tub or spa.  In 2016, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, 656 people were beaten to death with “hands, fists, feet, etc.” If the mainstream media obsessively focused on stories like these, we’d have people calling for bans on bathtubs and martial arts training. The death of any innocent person is a terrible thing, but the number of deaths via mass shootings doesn’t justify 1/50 of the attention it’s given in a nation of 325 million people.”

The left’s justification for gun-grabbing has as much to with ending violence as any other left-wing canard. None.

If Democrats, Bloomberg, Mom’s who demand action, or any other progressive mouthpiece truly cared about anything other than political power they would admit that their policies produce significantly more suffering from violence than those they oppose. But they can’t.

Nor are they the party of women, or gays, or blacks, or Latino’s, or single moms, or working families, or transgender rights. They are the party of Democrat women, gays, blacks, Latino’s, single moms, working families, and transgenders. If you are not with them, you are against them, and not entitled to anything especially the right to disagree with them.

Your application for Democrat Party Victims-rights coverage has been denied. No speech, no guns, no religious freedom, no free association. In fact, you’ll get extra abuse for daring to step off the party plantation. All while Democrat politicians get a free ride for their hypocrisy.

The media isn’t going to report on any of this except to deny it or repeat narratives that spin these realities as suspect. By all accounts, a large portion of the Republican party is willing to let them off the hook.

But we won’t.

Armed law abiding citizens make the world a safer place.

Democrats are hypocrites.

America is exceptional.