NH Progressive Senators on school nurses- “local control is fine” (but only as long as you agree with us!)

Schoolhouse State Senate refuses to roll back school nurse requirements

NH State Senator Woodburn basically just said exactly that about who controls the standards for school nurses:

“We need to have school nurses who are on top of the details and know what’s going on,” said Sen. Jeff Woodburn, D-Whitefield, in opposition to the rollback. “We settled this issue last year. The policy has been set. We need to keep the policy and not be flip-flopping all over the place every two years.”

Yet, when it comes to guns on school properties, these same Progressive Democrats were some upset that they didn’t get their way with NH State Senator Hennessey’s amendment to allow local School Boards, wern’t they?  You see, they KNOW that most School Boards, being one of the foxholes that defend the Liberal mantras, would agree with them and carry out the NH Senate Democrats in banning guns on their premises.  So LET them have control, we BELIEVE in local control!

Yeah, right – until they don’t.

Once again, make things more expense for taxpayers.  Make things for difficult, especially for Woodburn’s constituent towns, to get and keep qualified personnel now that you’ve artificially jacked up the requirements.  What he won’t answer is a fundamental question: Since school HAVE to have nurses, do the schools need to be closed if they can’t find someone with the right credentials willing to serve at the price the Districts can pay?  Or will Woodburn already be playing checkers and declare, without remembering the obvious, that “the market has failed!  We must do something!” whereby more taxpayer Government money (re: it’s always THEIR money, never your’s) must be wielded to “fix” another problem (that they created).

The “obvious” being that they “rigged” the market with this arbitrarily?

As to that “flip-flopping” line?  It’s always “It’s settled law” when its something that’s in their agenda buck and fight like heck to keep it that way, but if “settled law” disagrees with the Socialist mantra, well then, it’s free reign to change it because PROGRESS! They won’t, however, tell you specifically what the long game of PROGRESS! ends up at – trust me, you won’t like it.

From my standpoint, if an issue is of an enumerated Right, it should be hands off completely. Politicians and unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats should make no law or regulations that would abridge any of those Rights.  Period.  As far as Woodburn is concerned, make up your danged mind and be Consistent.  Either local boards, previous caveat excepted, have local control or they don’t – you can’t use that as a political punchbowl in drinking from it when you want things or dumping it over when you hate things.  It is either one or the other.

(H/T: Union Leader)