BlogQuestion of the Day – it seems every day, they keep giving the electorate reasons not to

What is the point why botherRepublican Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signs significant gun restrictions into law

So…why bother voting GOP any more?

Great, just yet one more “thing” to add to the growing pile. It’s that second one that’s the line to pay attention to.  If the GOP won’t protect the Second, why bother?  If their actions give truth to this:

The #Zuckerberg hearing gave cause to wonder who to trust: a social-media company with a profit motive to keep sharing our personal information or clueless politicians who might try to regulate it.

why bother? If they spend like Democrat Socialists (re: the Omnibus trillion plus bill, making drunk sailors look like the Wise Men), why bother?  If they can’t bother to pay attention to the Constitution (“compromising” with Democrats to put further restrictions on political speech), why bother?  If elected GOP officials (both in govt and within the Party) keep willfully violating the GOP Platform (like Jeb Bradley did here in NH by first pushing for enacting Obamacare  and then pushing to keep it going; sorry, handholding Constitutional Carry is an insufficient “hiding shield” for everything else you’ve done), why bother?

I could go on and on – but you all already know  lots of examples, so why bother?  It seems that with over 42 GOP resignations from the US House ahead of the mid-terms, it seems that the GOP is telling us directly “why bother”?

Not to worry – they’ll still act like Democrats and blame the Party’s “extremists” who have always cared about the Platform and the Constitution.

So why bother if they don’t care? The actual truth is that they will have brought us upon themselves because we won’t bother either.