So, is Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress AND the NH Gun Violence Coalition going to denounce a guilty self-admitted violence perp?


We have really lax firearms regulations,” says Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress and a coordinator at the NH Gun Violence Coalition. “

No, we have Constitutional Rights there, Zandra.  You know, that pesky thing that keeps getting in your way. Oh, but it’s for the children, it’s for safety, it’s for….oh, never mind – sh’s simply promoting Progressivism (which demands complete civilian disarmament by the death of a 1,000 cuts) and Zandra Rice-Hawkins is all about Progressivism.  And so is:

Representative Katherine “You know you want to hit me” Rogers – a well known Progressive and gun grabber (aren’t they so cute together).  Who is also known nowadays as someone who pleaded guilty to an act of violence against a pro-Second Amendment activist who was simply sitting there watching people taking their ballots; Rogers leaned and then SLAPPED Susan Olsen.  Actual VIOLENCE, Zandra – violence.  Just like you’re trying to promote – being against violence.  So why did you cuddle up with Rogers – the judge pronounced Rogers guilty, right?  Shouldn’t that count, Zandra?  Aren’t you against ALL forms of violence?  And you’ve said in the past that you’re against bullying, too, right?  Isn’t what Rogers did a form of bullying – using her position of Power to diminish someone else? What if had been someone else, like if a conservative white Evangelical guy, had done to you what Rogers did Miss Susan – would you still be all happy face then? Methinks not.

Both are the same type of violence, but true to Progressive form, Zandra Rice-Hawkins just smiles pretty with Rogers.  You see, with this picture, under the rubric of “gun violence”, we see how intellectually honest Zandra is – double standards much, Zandra?  When will the Rogers denouncement happen or do you really embrace Roger’s violence wholeheartedly because, well, birds of a feather and all that?  Is it because SOCIALIST SISTERHOOD! ?

Oh, and by the way, I saved the page – none of that 1984 Memory Hole schtick, Zandra!

(H/T: Granite State Progressive via WMUR)

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