“We’ll keep the money you already gave us – and you need to give us more

School houseSo let me see if I get this straight – you’re asking for a big hike in your budget:

Budget proposal: $1,964,745, up $150,151, or about 8.3 percent, from the $1,814,594 operating budget voters approved last year.

But you didn’t spend all of LAST year’s budget:

Hot topics: The district is projecting a $100,000 surplus in this year’s budget. Officials hope to use most of that money to add to existing capital reserve funds and to pave the parking lot and driveway at Nelson Elementary School. The remaining surplus would be returned to voters. In previous years, voters rejected some proposed projects, electing to receive a larger portion of the surplus back.

And instead of returning that money back to those that earned it, you want to spend it AND:

Other warrant articles include: Whether to add $25,000 to the district’s capital reserve fund and whether to add $5,000 to the Special Education/Middle and High School Tuition Fund

want even more?  And the Educational-Industrial Complex puts on that blank look on their face as taxpayers, more and more, are complaining about the higher and higher costs even as enrollments are down?

How can it be “for the children” when there’s less and less children?!?!?!?!

Sorry, but this “we’re not paid enough” and demanding more is getting a bit thin on taxpayers that see “oh, you get to live a bit larger but *I* and my family have to live smaller?

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen…

(H/T: Keene Sentinel)


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