Update: Town Meetings – for SB2 towns like Gilford, we get to trek in the snow tomorrow (ahGAIN!)

Town MeetingWell, TMEW, the Grandson, and I took the trip off the mountain to go vote this morning.  Not early, like 7 or 8am as I had wanted to and have done previous Voting Days – the 2 year old hasn’t quite grasped that he has to turn his timing around to fit everyone else – he was still asleep at 9:45am which was really just after 8:30am his time which is his normal wake-up time.  Thus, there were already a coupla few inches of snow on the road, no snow plow had gone by, and the only road outta here possesses quite the hairpin turn at the bottom of a ravine with a brook at the bottom and a sheer side on the left that only a few years ago was christened with steel guards.  Yes, I have seen a few cars go into the brook and over the side.  One winter, a minivan flipped upside down on the downslope due to the icing on the road before the plow / sand trucks came through. But I digress…

We made it although the F-150, even in 4 wheel drive, slipped and skidded going to the polls.  Turnout was active to the point of being “heavy”; the polling place’s parking lot was full and after dropping off TMEW and the Grandson, I had to park next door at the Library. The lines to register (WITH ID!  YAY!) were rather short but the total pages for the Town and the School District was five full pages. I blew through them having covered them during the BudComm season; TMEW took a bit of time longer.  That was fine – I got to yak with the Selectmen Chair and a number of the ladies stopped by to oogle and ooh-and-ah over the Grandson.

So, how will it turn out? 

Dunno.  I think it really hangs on those coming home in the deeper intensity of the storm after work between 5 & 6pm.  Will they come and vote or just bag it and go straight home.

BTW – as usual, the school district just couldn’t resist and in their vmail blast, the structure was “go vote!” and then “schools cancelled”. We’ve watched this “electioneering” by public officials here in town – I now have the vmail.

More later.