Beth Metzler Social mediaI guess somebody has to say it: What a low life, dirtball thing to do while getting paid $50,000.00 Timberlane tax dollars a year!

Not much explaining to do on this one. Just look at the gloatweet Timberlane Cooperative School District’s Coach Metzler’s lovely employee/wife/double-dipping/dingbat wrote to a losing candidate for school board.

Pretty low class, eh class?

Note to Timberlane voters: Professionals who are running schools aren’t supposed to do this kind of thing. This an imbecilic act of a person who cares more about “gotcha” than being an adult.

That’s right; creeps are running your school with $72 million of your tax dollars. As long as Coach and Mrs. Metzler can get away with it, your kids will enter their personal playground of anger, retribution, and do as we damn well, please.

How about printing the auditors last seven “Management Letters” in the next Annual Report, Coach?

(And talk to your other half about foolishly exposing how vindictive she really is with traceable emails, but thanks for having Mommy’s Boy’s name on it as well.)