Tales from the “Tolerant” Left – Hating On Conservative Women

simplydanaLiberal Democrats are intolerant, hypocritical douchebag haters. If you doubt me look no further than Dana Loesch. Smart, attractive, talented, capable, mom, wife, worked hard to become successful and she is. Dana can bring home the bacon and can fry it up in the pan. And liberals should love her. She is every bit of empowered womanhood they claim to champion.

But she doesn’t toe their line, so that hate her. How much? Check this out.

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John Hawkins, writing at Townhall.com, shares just a smattering of the hate the left has for this successful woman.

Islandtime: @POTUSbonespur “Wouldn’t it be sad is @DLoesch’s children were the victims of gun violence. Thoughts and prayers…”

Larry: @seffrtnow “Not only are you a terrorist you are a Despicable loathsome vial scumbag who advocates for Mass school shootings for money shame on you you piece of crap @DLoesch”

irreverentmama: @irreverentmama “You’re a whore for the NRA.”

Jim Cornette @TheJimCornette “OK, Doll, you’re quoting that terrorist @NRA c*nt on my Twitter now? Sorry, bye.”

Dar Dixon @dardixon1 “@DLoesch it’s unproductive, disingenuous & non resourceful to claim that you’re anything but a WHORE for the @NRA $$$”

Tim Kassen @tkassen “Also, you are a liar. Your children will hate having to defend you once they are outside of your bubble”

John reports that Dana had to pack up her family and move.

(From Dana) One guy hunted down my private cell phone number, called when police were here, threatened to shoot me in my front yard. #MeToo…. Another guy created a string of social media accounts, posted photos of my house, threatened to rape me to death. #MeToo…. Another gun control advocate, after threatening to hunt me down and assault me, dragged my kids into it. #MeToo…. I’ve only ever discussed these issues kinda vaguely. More I can’t discuss. I and other 2A women are sexually threatened regularly #MeToo

Stop making deals with the left. Stop advancing their agenda. Stop trying to appease their base. Stop pretending that you can get them to vote for you by pandering to their priorities.

You can’t.

They will never vote for you. Ever. You can pander all you want but the minute you set one toe of one foot off their angry, intolerant, psycho-dictatorial plantation they will s*it on you until you get back in line or disappear.

And it makes no difference if you are black, female, gay, or any combination of the victim groups they claim to protect and defend.

The only thing they fight for is their far-left ideology. If you are not on board you get tossed overboard. And your life and property are forfeit if that’s what it takes.