Seattle continues its embrace of Karl Marx’s “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

Kshama Sawant Seattle Socialist

“…the task force was told to consider “new progressive revenue sources,…”

I just slowly shake my head.  We’ve covered Seattle’s silliness (except it really is disheartening) over the years as Statism / Socialism seems to have grabbed hard on its leaders (at least one is outright and proud Socialist) as it deploys policies that keep screwing over its residents instead of getting tarred and feathered (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here just for starters).  And again, the Seattle Socialists have decided that they know better how to spend other peoples’ money better than they do and are going to target “rich” companies and tax them on their head counts.  No, not just annually but EVERY HOUR for EVERY EMPLOYEE (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Seattle task force recommends ‘head tax’ to fund help for homeless

A Seattle task force is recommending the City Council adopt a $75 million-per-year “head tax” on high-grossing businesses to help address homelessness. Members of the community panel set up by the council reached consensus during their last meeting Thursday after about two months of work.  The council narrowly rejected a $25 million-per-year head tax (also called an employee-hours tax) in November, instead vowing to revisit the issue and pass a tax this year after more study by the task force.

Under the November proposal, the city would have taken 6.5 cents per employee, per hour, from companies grossing more than $10 million per year. With representatives from nonprofits, advocacy groups and businesses, the task force was told to consider “new progressive revenue sources,” including a head tax (also called an employee-hours tax) capable of raising $25 million to $75 million a year.

By choosing the high end of that range, the panel is recommending a tax that would yield three times more than what the council turned down a few months ago, said Katie Wilson, general secretary of the Transit Riders Union. At the same time, the task force also is emphasizing “an urgent need for fiscal discipline” at City Hall, said Lisa Daugaard, Public Defender Association director. Wilson and Daugaard are task-force members.

Right – fiscal discipline.  Why bother when all they have to do is decide that your money is their money?  It if VERY obvious that they have the right to:

tell you how to behave (e.g., soda tax, the gun tax, ammo tax, plastic bags…)

take your private property for others – no respect

They do see the “rich” as mere ATM machines – not surprising given the political atmosphere that puts Government ahead of its subjects citizens.

A draft report from the panel says taxes “should not be increased lightly” and that the some amount of money needed to combat homelessness “can and should be located by making cuts to public spending outside the homelessness-services sector.”

Yeah, like that has ANY chance of being seriously considered.  From this viewpoint from the Live Free or Die State, that’s a throw away line.  After all, Socialism is built on the idea that they will run out of other peoples’ money – they have even less restraint than “normal” politicians in mooching your wallets and more cause to say “it’s for the poor” and “it’s for the common good”.

Screw that – anytime anyone who says that or votes that is trying to play reverse Santa Claus – take your money and then tell you how good they are in giving it back “to the people”.  They live in a self-rationalizing world when they simply can’t admit “we’re really pandering for votes and work hard at riling up those that have no problem in mooching from the Public Treasury”.

Rather than say exactly which businesses should be taxed and how, the task force is recommending the council chose from several options. Under the first option, companies with more than $10 million in gross revenue would pay the bulk of the tax, while under the second and third options, the threshold would be $8 million.

…The council is expected to take up the proposal this month, after staff write a final task-force report. The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce opposes the idea and sat out the task force in protest.

Dumbkoffs – sitting out accomplishes nothing; that just allows them more of an opportunity to pick your pocket.  They ought to be saying:


And like their gun tax and soda tax, the Socialists will soon, IF the “rich” companies (really, $8M or even $10M are “rich”??) act rationally, will find out one of Economic’s Fundamental Rules:

When you tax something, you get less of it.

But then again, Socialists are always putting ideology ahead of their understanding of history.

(H/T: Seattle Times)

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