This is rich coming from the guy that said “Hitler should have bombed it!” (meaning the Hague)

Yep, Chairman Mao Buckles Ray Buckley of the NH Dems wouldn’t know what gun safety is even if it bit him in the arse.  He’s just all out of sorts that people actually believe ALL of the US Constitution and the NH one as well:

Let’s review Buckles’ history, shall we?

Not all that long ago as the TEA Party movement was trying to go back to Constitutional values in Government, everyone that didn’t march to the Socialist Democrats were all TEA Partiers; Buckley didn’t use that as a term of endearment if you know what I mean.  Then we were all Free Staters when the Free Staters’ move trigger (see what I did there, Ray?) was pressed and the Democrats howled more than vampires do at the rising sun.  Now, everybody’s an extremist; notice how each and every time, they go too far and ruin each word for themselves.  We all know the game and so does the public at large – why else do the Dems keep flipping their own moniker from Progressives to Liberals, now back to Progressives – and now everyone is just calling them Socialists (wanna take a stab at telling us the difference between Democrats and Socialists, Ray?  How about you, Joe Wernig?)

And it isn’t just him – it’s like they’re the Borg – a collective Hive mind (except with intelligence more like ants): they all toe the same lines with virtually the same words (hey Raybo, yer outta line – you missed “weapons of war” in going for the brass ring of the Dem PC derby).  It’s almost like North Korea except it’s not who stops clapping first and ends up getting real intimate with an anti-aircraft gun.

But I digress – so Ray’s mooching the “gun safety” for all its worth.  In the meantime, he didn’t want to give the inhabitants of the Hague any safety at all (Not Safe For Work.  Or children.  Or sensitive ears.  Lewd behavior / speech warning about what Ray Buckley is going to say):

Inconsistent intellectually, dismissive of his own history – he’s just an older version of Zandra Rice-Hawkins in this matter. He sides with Hitler but decrys 2A supporters in carrying on the tradition that birthed this country from a  tyrannical government.

Sad, Ray, real sad.

(H/T: NH Political Buzz)