Questions for Gun Grabbers

Parkland law enforcement and school administrators are desperate to divert attention from their many failures to enforce existing laws that allowed Nikolas Cruz to get a gun and massacre so many people.  Leftist politicians continue wanting schools to be “Gun Free Zones”, despite the fact that almost all public mass killings have been in “Gun Free Zones”.

Radical leftists including the media have used this horrible situation to manipulate desperate parents and students into hysterically demanding ever increasing elimination of our Second Amendment rights and fighting against the only thing that can provide protection, trained, armed protection among the school staff.

When you run into gun grabbers and people influenced by the hysteria, you might consider asking them:

  1. If “Gun Free Zone” are such a good idea for protecting schools, why don’t you protect your home by putting a “Gun Free Zone” sign in front?
  2. If 18 year olds are too irresponsible to be able to buy a gun, aren’t they too irresponsible to vote?  The consequences of irresponsible people voting can cause many times more people to be victimized than at Parkland.  E.g., the politicians elected in Chicago allow more people to be killed every two weeks than at Parkland.
  3. Besides Cruz, the shooter, isn’t President Obama’s Promise program to blame for these murders and other crimes because it incentivizes schools and law enforcement to stop arresting student criminals?  The lack of an arrest, prosecution, and conviction or treatment allowed Nikolas Cruz to legally buy a gun.  Many other student criminals are probably also victimizing people with legally obtained guns because, like Nikolas Cruz, they weren’t arrested, prosecuted, and convicted.
  4. Where has law enforcement ever gotten to an ongoing school shooting in time to actually stop the shooter before many people have been shot/killed?
  5. As he was being murdered trying to protect students, do you think Coach Feis was thinking, “It’s a good thing I don’t have my gun because if I had my gun someone might get hurt.” ?  Coach Feis gave up his life protecting students, don’t you think he could have been trusted to have a gun in school and, if he had been armed, might he have saved lives?  Aren’t there thousands of other school staff members who are former military or police or otherwise trained with guns that, like Coach Feis, can be trusted to use their guns to protect students should the need arise?
  6. Do you realize that taking guns from law abiding people means more people will become victims?  Do you want more victims?  Guns are used to stop crimes, including murders, many times more often than they are to commit murders with guns.
  7. Since criminals don’t obey laws and guns are available via illegal sources, which new law would have prevented Cruz from committing his massacre?

I’m sure others can add other useful questions for gun grabbers.   We must stop the trampling of our Second Amendment rights by leftists intent on making American citizens defenseless.

We want to stop murders where ever they happen and by whatever means.  This means that our laws need to be strongly enforced against criminals, too many laws aren’t being adequately enforced today.   We can do a better job of making sure that everyone who has committed crimes or otherwise demonstrated why they should be prohibited from getting a gun are entered into the database used for background checks.  Hopefully we can do a better job of keeping dangerous mentally ill people from getting guns.

But, to avoid creating more victims rather than fewer, any actions taken must be based on evidence and with full respect for our Second and Fourth Amendments and natural rights; we must not act based on leftist political goals which are not to make Americans safer but to disarm Americans.