No Huckabee in this Sandbox

Jason Owen
Jason Owen – No Huckabee in his sandbox

Mike Huckabee has quickly resigned from the Country Music Awards Foundation after being asked to be on the board.

As is often the case, a homosexual activist had to be appeased. But that isn’t the lead in this story or any story about the incident. The other side can’t be written in PC World.

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Jason Owen is involved with the music industry somehow and in turn, thinks he has sway over the CMA Board; a temper tantrum to which they must cater because Jason is not happy merely living with his husband and kids, (with) another on the way.  All must submit to his standard of review of personal choices.

Translation: No Christians on the CMA Association Board. The Board oversees the Foundation.

Here is the CMA Foundation Web site.

Lots of kids having fun – no room for Mike Huckabee, only Jason Owen, and his husband. Same old story – show “inclusion” get “exclusion” – the homosexual activist trademark, it seems.

Mike Huckabee has outsmarted Mr. Owens by depriving him of a fight he sorely wanted. Watch and see if his attention doesn’t turn to the other board members who had the hateful inclination to even think of nominating Mike Huckabee.

Ok, Mr. Owen, get started. You must have enough “tolerance” to get even with some of these people.

Here is an interview Mr. Owen had with a person with whom he could get along.