Democrats Use Violent Imagery To Advance Gun Control Agenda

resist - Kimberly MorinKimberly Morin went to the Red Square Gun-Ban StyleRally in Portsmouth to mingle with the Demorrhoids and bless her little heart. It takes a great deal of patience and determination to wade through a rising sea of left-wing stupidity. I’ll have to ask her if she had to take something to suppress the gag reflex.

The result of her journey is a host of images depicting the will of the left. Most tell a tale of ignorance and stupidity but there’s one she somehow missed.

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Courtesy of Jeff Chidester, no wallflower he, shared on facebook.

Villians - c/o Jeff Chidester, Facebooke

I confess to being a little bit disappointed that we’re not on there but these are all people elected to office in Concord and we’re not that.

Note the violence it emotes with bloody gun holes. I don;t really care but is a bit hypocritical of triggered snowflakes and panty-twisted leftists to use this sort of imagery.

But then, the resistance isn’t about resisting government force, it is about ensuring it. And they’re never all that concerned about other people’s “feelings” because they don’t actually care about blacks, gays, trans, women, or children unless they help advance their ideological priorities.

What are those?

When we talk about the second amendment, a government force majority or monopoly.

The ability to control you, your behavior, and your political speech.

Progressives rant endlessly about all manner of manufactured injustice for the sole purpose of dominating the narrative. Controlling what people see and hear. Words are their biggest enemy and as long as the people have a right to keep and bear arms, they can never truly shut them up.

They can’t get there from here.

So at every opportunity, no not the hundreds of violent murders in their Democrat-run “gun-free” ghettoes, they make a spectacle of denying you a basic human right so that they can systematically use ‘the law’ to deny you of the rest of them.

And this is important.

The “crowds” of water-carriers Kimberly captured are just as eager to deny you your right to disagree with them on everything else that matters to the left.  Even if it means allowing the government to bloody holes in you to get there.