So Let’s Call It A “Duty” Not A Tariff – All Better Now

Trade WarThe International Monetary Fund guru says no one wins a trade war!

But that leaves out the other part of international trade, a part I hoped the self-important monetary heard might have an answer for.

Who wins the “Dumping War” we have been losing for so long?

I hear all kinds of noise about trade wars but not much about other countries dumping products in America to eliminate our products and manufacturing.

The idea is not new. Alexander Hamilton warned about it in 1791.

It was back in the news with early China trade deals.

2004 – Trade with China: expectations vs. reality

2017 – The EU had enough: EU Imposes Anti-Dumping Duties on Chinese Steel

2017 – India had enough: Indian Govt. Imposes Anti-Dumping Duty On 93 Chinese Products; Counters China’s Aggression

But Trump-haters cry “Trade War!!!”

Maybe we should get all our news from overseas.