Gilford Budget Committee – setting the record straight

By Norm Silber

To set the record straight regarding actions taken by the Gilford Budget Committee under my leadership, the real facts are (a) the Police & Fire budgets were never decreased in any of the prior 4 years; (b) the Fire budget was increased last year and this year to provide for the lease/purchase of a new fire truck (the new fire truck being the subject of heated debate and ultimate disapproval of an outright purchase long before I joined the Budget Committee) and a new fire boat; (c) the Police budget this year was actually increased by a substantial amount over the amount originally recommended by the Selectmen because of the good case for the increase made by the Police Chief; and (d) no reductions in the proposed Schools budget were made by the Budget Committee this year and the Schools budget recommended by the Budget Committee was fully approved and recommended by the School Board.

Unlike some of the other candidates for the Budget Committee, I have read and understand the applicable RSAs and work with them virtually every day as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives.  And other than being paid a nominal sum for my service as a state rep., I have never been a public employee and have always worked in the private business and professional sector, where I have been responsible for meeting payrolls on a regular basis and for detailed analysis of and advice regarding financial statements and proposed budgets.

Norman J. Silber
Chair- Town of Gilford Budget Committee

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