Have You Ever Considered Being a NH State Rep?

I Want You to run for state and local officeAre you tired of NH Legislators who promise one thing and deliver another?

Are you tired of seeing government grow, take over personal responsibilities, and infringe on our freedoms?

Do you want to stop increased taxes and further restrictions of our liberties?

Do you want the government to focus on enabling and encouraging people to be freer, safer, and more prosperous?

You and like-minded patriotic citizens are needed in our state legislature!

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The 603 Alliance’s Initiative ’18 Project exists to help you and people like you campaign and win office.  Two information sessions have been established to inform people who are considering running for office about campaigning for office, legislating, and how the 603 Alliance will help you campaign and win.

Our information session will inform you about how we’ll help every step of the way in your campaign, discussing issues, training, technology, mentoring, fundraising, etc.

Experienced people will tell what it’s like to be a state representative, the time commitment, the legal requirements, how things get done, and answer your questions.

Join us to learn more about what it takes to run and to serve as a State Rep, and how the 603 Alliance can help you to win.

These information sessions will be:

–        March 24, 10-12 AM near Concord, NH
–        March 26, 6-8 PM in Manchester, NH

Please Register at www.603Alliance.org or contact Diane Bitter:  ddbitter@aol.com.

If you’re interested but can’t make an information session, let us know by filling out the form at www.603Alliance.org/email