Audit Shmaudit – Metzler Don’t Need No Stinking Audit

AuditorTimberlane has an auditing firm, Plodzik and Sanderson. They supply the Audit Report in the Timberlane Regional School District Annual Report – that thing in your lap at the Annual School Meetings in March.

I heard some grumbling about a resignation by an official involved with the 2017 audit. It peaked my interest so took a brief look – starting with 2014 up until the one that is supposed to be ready now.

If in 2014 Timberlane had an Auditor’s Report for the year 2013 – it isn’t in the Annual Report, check page #2, not there – no mention of one.

If in 2015 Timberlane had an Auditor’s Report for the year 2014 – it isn’t in the Annual Report check page #2, not there, no mention of one.

In 2016 Timberlane had an “Auditors Report” for the year 2015 it is listed on page #2 of the Annual Report.

The “Auditors Report” is found in “Addendum B.”

The 2017 Timberlane Annual Report for the year 2017 includes an “Auditors Status Letter” listed on page #2.

The March 2, 2018 “Auditors Status Letter” is found on page #25 in the 2017 Annual Report.

The “Auditors Status Letter” promises a completed audit “by the end of March.” That’s nice.

Coach Metzler must be aware of: DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE ADMINISTRATION Municipal and Property Division, Section 21-J:19.

That would be the law requiring financial audits of municipalities and schools.

I will spare readers the entire text of the statute, but there is this very important last sentence:

“A written or printed report of every completed audit shall be made to the proper local officials including a summary of the findings and recommendations of the auditors and a copy of such summary shall be published in the next annual report following the fiscal year in which the audit was completed.”

2013 – No auditor’s Report.

2012 – No Auditor’s Report.

2011 – No Auditor’s Report.

Didn’t Timberlane Regional School District have one of the most highly paid superintendent’s in the State of New Hampshire?

The School Board must have higher priorities than simply printing an audit in the Annual Report.

At least in 2018 taxpayers are promised one.