Another Stormy Story

who-is-stormy-danielsLet me see if I have this Stormy Daniels story right.

Ms. Stormy wants to return the $130,000.00 in “hush money” she got from Attorney Michael Cohen so she can nullify the hush money agreement she was saying last week was already nullified because Donald Trump didn’t sign it. But she didn’t make the agreement with Donald Trump.

Ms. Stormy has a new, high-powered celebrity lawyer. Could this be his doing?

Here is part of the “deal” Ms. Stormy wants to make.

“A remittance, her lawyers propose, would invalidate the “hush agreement” she reached with Trump attorney Michael Cohen, “`permitting her to speak publicly about her relationship with the president.

The New York Times obtained a copy of a letter Clifford’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, sent to Cohen, which offers to wire the full $130,000.00 sum to an account of the president’s choosing on the understanding that the 2016 agreement is nullified.”

So, this porn star wants President Trump to select an account to put the remittance into, not Attorney Michael Cohen’s account that it reportedly came out of.

This raises some questions.

Stormy and her new lawyer don’t have Donald Trump on the hush money contract as a signatory. That is a fact. The check was drawn in Oct. of 2016. Trump was “citizen” Trump back then and could not win the Oval Office – no way.

Now, Stormy and her high-powered lawyer want President Trump to become involved in the RETURN of the hush money by offering up an account Stormy can put the money into – but not Cohen’s account, where it came from?

This looks like an act of desperation by a lawyer and porn star to somehow get President Trump to become involved in the porn star’s hush money story.

But I thought Stormy already had incriminating evidence on Donald Trump? Why would she be asking a sane person to do something this stupid? It’s almost like she doesn’t want to use all the juicy evidence she claims to have.

And did Stormy keep the $130,000.00 in hush money in an escrow account since October of 2016 so she could offer it back now? Pornstars sure make a lot of money to have this kind of cash laying around. Makes you wonder why she is still working at dives selling tee shirts.