GrokTV Interview: Jilletta Jarvis, Libertarian Candidate for NH Governor

The last of the quick interviews from the Women’s Defense League of NH was with Jilletta Jarvis who is the Libertarian candidate for NH Government.

In real life, she seems to be a nice lady; I may not share her issues in toto and I do think she needs to work on her “quick stump speech” but like all candidates not wearing boots on their head (Vermin Supreme – heh!), she should be taken serious and not merely dismissed because she’s at an opposite end.


Why do I put it that way?

She walked up to me and said “thank you for what you wrote about me – my name is Jilletta Jarvis and thanks for defending me”. I was a bit flabbergasted; I had to think for a moment about the connection.  So I asked her to hunt me down after the rally when it would be a bit quieter for the above interview.

I did write about her at the end of last year as she had put in an Op-Ed into the Concord Monitor stating she was running.  A rather simple and unassuming Op-Ed – but it torqued a lot of Democrat / Progressive / Collectives into all calling her selfish and only out for herself and every other trope that they use to demonize anyone not in their communitarian egalitarianism (are you listening, Joe Wernig and Lisa DiMartino, both of Gilford?).  The message was clear – enforce “with us” or you are subhuman; it turned into quite the post when I simply posted their own comments (are you listening, Bruce Currie and Dan Williams?):

The difference between Libertarians and Statist/Progressive Totalitarians.

I’d suggest y’all read it because it really IS indicative of how folks like Currie and Williams are willing to treat others not with them irrespective of their side’s calls for “inclusiveness” and “tolerance”; it is clear that they have a distorted sense of both definitions.  Their own words, once again:

I’ve also included the comments fully after the Letter but I wanted to bring them center stage.  These people have NO tolerance for anyone not of their own groupthink and have no problem in making that clear; an example from former ‘Grok commenter “Hunter Dan” (Dan Williams, a teacher, who I banned a while ago) showing right from the get-go how the Statist thinks.  Tell me, how did he go from her Letter to what he expressed in his comment?

Dan Williams
Sorry Jilletta – NH doesn’t need or want your ignorant, greedy, selfish ideas and your cherry-picking from our founding documents to suit your personal agenda. YOU LOSE!

And current commenter, Bruce Currie, had this to say:

Bruce Currie
Paula Werme An “inconvenience”? That’s not what Dan said. Glibertarians put their own unique spin on readings of the Constitution, which despite their self-serving claims to the contrary, is hardly the transparent document they claim. It was not written to support the self-centered fetishizing of the individual at the expense of the common good that glibertarians espouse.
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Ah, Dan could tell that Jilletta is ignorant, greedy, and selfish just from that Letter.  Gosh, I’ve read that several times over and I can’t fathom how he gets from Point A to Point Pluto.  Is it selfish to be able to make one’s own decisions?  How does “greedy” play into not wanting Government make decisions instead of us for ourselves? What is wrong with the notion of being Free, of Freedom as a notion or in actuality?

What we are seeing here from both Dan and Bruce is that the common good trumps anything or anyone else – communitarianism on steroids.  Put another way, the Individual MUST give way to the Group.  Or put a better way, The State is more important than the Individual.  How DARE anyone hold to anything different.

Having watched the Left intensely for the last decade plus, I’m not surprised – it has only gotten worse and worse.  While I mention Joe Wernig and Lisa DiMartino (have written about her before), I will be doing future posts on both of them.