Unrequited Love: CNN vs The Norks

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, CNN’s looove for the Norks gets them no Satisfaction

We start with CNN fawning over dictatress and Propaganda Minister, Kim Yo Jong:

But the Norks were less than impressed by the display of affection, delivering an epic putdown:

As if being called depraved, oversexed, and incompetent by the Norks wasn’t bad enough, Ben Domenech at The Federalist and Greg Gutfeld, host of “The Five” piled on…..
Puppy-dog love spurned, mocked, and dissected, all in time for Valentine’s Day – one ALMOST feels sorry for them:

H/T Twitchy.com:
Domenech – “It’d be nice to say that American media doesn’t hate this country.”
Gutfeld Nukes Mainstream Media’s Fawning

by Mike

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