Quick Thought – No, they aren’t welcome

by Skip

baby in wombReformatted, emphasis mine:

DNC chairman refuses to say whether pro-life Democrats are welcome in the party

MSNBC host Kasie Hunt confronted Perez about the DNC’s stance on Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.), who Hunt noted is a pro-lifeDemocrat. Lipinski takes heat from fellow Democrats over his position and is facing a primary challenge in this year’s election.

“Is there room for anti-abortion Democrats in your party?” Hunt asked. ..Perez never directly said whether pro-life, anti-abortion Democrats have the support of the DNC.

The simple answer is that they don’t – and if the current trend is concerned, never will. Fuhgattabout it if you want to run for any mid to high level office.  Illegal aliens / immigrants on the other hand – that’s a different story!  After all, the latter vote Democrat Party!

(H/T: The Blaze)

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  • mrwonderful

    Kasie Hunt’s awesome!

    • granitegrok

      And this has to do with the topic….how?

      • mrwonderful

        Hey – I just posted something positive! No name-calling, no ad-hominem, no personal attacks. What – did you guys tell Skip that his recent spate of agreeing with me is giving you guys a bad rep and now he’s back to being a jerk to me? All I did was say how much I like Ms. Hunt as a journalist. SHEESH – you guys are too sensitive sometimes.

  • Jim Johnson

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