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Notable Quote – Bonchie

OK, tonite, I’ve got nuttin – but there’s a lotta folks out there that do.  From RedState, Bonchie points out that the Left’s claim to “right to be safe”, especially those of the teen survivors from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School murders that have gone full political, is sheer nonsense. Emphasis mine:


There is no right to public safety. There are laws which seek to provide that environment, but you can not have a right to something which relies on the positive action of others for it to be exercised. This is the same reason there can never be a right to healthcare. Not because it’s not a noble goal, but because we don’t have a right to force a doctor to treat us.

Even then, it’s not really true that public safety is a primary core function of the constitution. I’m guessing he’s taking that from the often misused general welfare clause, but in noway does that line empower the government to override individual rights. The Bill of Rights supersedes any law or action the government may enact.

Pitting gun rights against public safety may seem like a good “gotcha” on TV, but it’s a terrible constitutional argument.

But what’s the Constitution to Progressives, other than on occasion it can serve their political agenda – but only then!

Lastly, the idea that it’s an attack on the core of the constitution to simply question law enforcement when they’ve clearly screwed up holds no basis in reality. Our Founders did not hold government up as an untouchable, unquestionable being. Quite the opposite. It’s a wholly conservative idea to be skeptical of our institutions and to not shower them with blind loyalty.