No “Team” Is Worth Selling Out This Country

by Ed Naile

Neil GorsuchAn “expert” on US Supreme Court dynamics has an interesting take on new Justice Gorsuch. Of course, the linked story is from CNN so it is probably not reliable. It does point however to how CNN would like to portray Justice Gorsuch – in a bad light.

This gives me hope!

According to the CNN expert, Justice Gorsuch is losing his chance at partnering with Chief Justice Roberts – because, and you have to love this – he will not act as a team player.

“Just three months later in July, the chief (Roberts) appeared to take a veiled jab at his new colleague (Gorsuch) during remarks at a judicial conference in Pennsylvania. Roberts reiterated his long-held view that the Court should avoid solo concurring and dissenting opinions and speak with one voice wherever possible.”

If you have ever been on or watched a school board in NH, you will be familiar with the tactic of watering down dissent. The liberals on any school board always want to “speak with one voice” as long as they get their way. They then control the entire board with a minority by stopping a single elected member from pointing out something the public may have a right to know – or the possible illegal activities of a board. An added bonus of demanding team membership for liberals is they get to see if the targeted member has any moral courage or integrity.

I got a tingle up my leg to spot this article confirming Trump made the right choice in filling a seat on the US Supreme Court.

May “Ruth Bader Sleeping Not Beauty” be next in line for retirement. She never had a right to sit on the Court in the first place.

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