Hmm, he really wants to run again? Slurp…

by Skip

I forgot to mention this a bit ago, so here it is:


Former New Hampshire State Sen. David Boutin wants another shot at his old seat that he lost in a special election last summer. Boutin, a Republican from Hooksett, recently announced his run for the District 16 Senate race. Boutin previously held the state Senate seat from 2010-16. “I want to make sure the values of the people that live in District 16 are properly represented in Concord,” Boutin told Peter St. James and Pat Kelly on “Good Morning NH” on Jan. 9. “I just believe that the current Senator does not reflect those values.”

Boutin was talking about Kevin Cavanaugh, a Manchester Democrat who beat Boutin in a special election in July 2017. The election outcome came as an upset to the seasoned Senator.


David Boutin 2

“Seasoned” versus “soused”; he should know better as he BARELY won his primary over Jane Cormier and only did so because the Senate Incumbent Racket and Protection Fund controlled by BFF Jeb Bradley gave him oodles upon oodles of money – FOR A PRIMARY and against a rival who ran a shoestring budget operation who only came up a few points behind.  Of course he got beat in the special.

And we still have the videos.  Schmuck.  And we’re patient.

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