Given the DC Swamp budget “compromise” that was just passed

by Skip


It’s all ka-ka (or if you prefer, ca-ca).

(H/T: Powerline)

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  • Moe Ferrel

    This budget should be an embarrassment to every Republican. This budget is historic for the amount of spending in its pages along with the amount of inflation and heartache it’s going to cause. Our unborn children are cursing us. Maybe its the fact Fox seemed to have left news about the deal buried in their minor headlines that more Republicans aren’t talking about this monstrosity. Only 29 percent of the Republicans in the House voted against the bill while 62% of the Democrats voted against it. Who in Hell did we vote for? Is the Tea Party dead? I’m beginning to feel the time has come for a new political party whose members are loyal to the people who elect them and not the people who “pay” them and by “pay” I mean the lobbyists, who now control Washington. We’ve mutinied, took over the ship, and handed command to pirates. You folks know I don’t like Trump. He has no beliefs other than himself. He supports whatever flavor of the month will make him money and power. Some of you haven’t realized it yet but Trump has destroyed the GOP. Look at this mess, and we control all the branches of government. Don’t get me wrong, the Democrats are a worse pox on our country.

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