Forrester Statement calls for an investigation into Andru Volinsky


Press Release

For Immediate Release: 2/19/2018
Contact: Patrick Hynes, (202) 321-5310

CONCORD – NHGOP Chair Jeanie Forrester released the following statement calling for an investigation into Andru Volinsky:

“Following bizarre media reports, we are calling for the Office of the Attorney General to open an investigation into Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky’s misguided sting operation into our state liquor commission. As an elected official and an officer of the court, Councilor Volinsky ought to know the proper channels one should go through to investigate any potential wrongdoing. His entire ‘investigation’ reeks of political opportunism that placed Liquor Commission employees and customers at substantial risk. The Attorney General needs to investigate all aspects of Councilor Volinsky’s odd ‘investigation’ and his disturbing behavior during this troubling situation.”


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