FB Doodlings: There are some people who just don’t “get” the idea of Freedom or Individual Liberty Part 1

Buckle UpWith these folks, it comes down to money – if I have to pay money because you do “dangerous” behaviors, I have the right to restrict your freedom of behavior.  I’ve been saying this for years – the more that Government does (because of pickle-pussed Progressives) that costs them money, the more they decide to control your life.  And get mad, REAL mad, if you say “fine, don’t pay for me”.  They can’t seem to understand that they can’t (or should) have it both ways.

In a piece at (where else??) the Concord Monitor titled “If you skip the helmet, give an organ“, one Nick Perencevich makes the claim that because NH doesn’t force adults to use a motorcycle helmet or buckle their seatbelts, they should become organ donors and if not willingly, the State should just force it. He makes this clear at the end of the piece (emphasis mine):

Possibly, Rep. Dan Haynes of Merrimack, who is quoted in the editorial as being strongly against the seat belt law, would consider passing a law saying that individuals dying from the lack of a seat belt or helmet would automatically become an organ donor no matter what is in their wallet. If we’re all stuck because of the lack of a law into cost shifting the financial burden of medical care, maybe we can at least keep organs alive and shift them too to those in need.

In other words, it doesn’t make a difference if you are a voluntary organ donor or not – the State should literally get its pound of flesh. OK, you know where this is going, don’t you?  And bonus points to those of you thinking – did Skip tangle with MrWonderful again?

Well, yes, I did.  And I bet we’ll all be able to do it here.  So Hunter Dan / MrWonderful / Dan Williams started the snowball rolling downhill with this (all emphasis throughout is mine):

Excellent column. Shows how backwards NH is. “Come to New Hampshire – you can marry a 13 year old girl, ride your motorcycle without a helmet, your car without a seatbelt, and practice your craft as a nurse (or as Commissioner of Education) without any qualifications whatsoever. SMH.

And I gave it a wee little tap:

Why is non-helmet / seat belt wearing “backward”, Dan? That phraseology is an ideological one that Progressives use. It may not be smart to not wear a helmet (I tell my oldest son that all the time) or not wear a seat-belt (I make sure that everyone is belted in MY car before the engine is turned on).

If they want to not do something – their choice. Choice is freedom quantified and that means also making bad decisions which Progressives are working hard to disallow. What does that do to Freedom, Dan? Should I start making decisions for you and your family to limit your freedoms?

I agree with Sandra Morrison below – revoke the laws that force is all to pay for the stupid decisions made by others. Betcha we’d see a lot less made if they had to pay for themselves.

Yes, I did let pass Dan’s comment of “how backwards NH is” with the obligatory response of “then why do you live here” – but I resisted (mightily I will add).  And then I’ll let you decide if Dan decided to lose himself out in the straw field (you know, Obama’s favorite place for debate).  But that will be Part 2 (coming REAL soon because I don’t think this is over yet) because he decided to go from seatbelts to abortion (yeah, I’m wondering about that too).