Cruz For Trouble

Crime SceneIf ever there was a case of the so-called “school shooter” phenomenon being about guns – this Florida case isn’t it.

I see the anti-Second Amendment industry has mobilized its minions about as fast as a Russian can put together an anti-Hillary for President parade float, but this incident is not about how militaristic a semi-auto rifle looks. It is way more than that.

Guns and bullets were involved in Florida’s government mega-school shooting all right, but the boy involved also rang every alarm bell professionals and amateurs are supposed to notice – before something like this happens. Nothing about this troubled kid went well since he was adopted, and his adoptive parents both died.

Apparently, Cruz would introduce himself as a “school shooter” long before he became a mass murderer. Some kids latch onto people and things they see in the movies and news. Just like anti-gun actors who spray bullets in their movies, they want publicity and fame at any cost. The media feeds this unwittingly or not – and they always will. Eyeballs on screens have value you can never deny.

The FBI part of this tragedy is absolutely shameless and inexcusable. They had more than enough evidence to find Cruz and address the problem in some form. I heard the FBI is supposed to monitor threats like this kid. They need to get out of that business altogether and hand it over to another agency or to locals. If we are going to herd children into government daycare factories then there has to be some way of protecting them from the forced mainstreaming of our growing population of mentally unstable kids.

There was zero parental supervision of Cruz for most of his life until about Thanksgiving of last year, according to this news report.

In a stroke of temporary luck, Cruz landed smack dab in the middle of a stable family. They appear to have established him into a routine. He learned to work, cook, clean-up after himself, and did not exhibit any animal cruelty. His guns were locked up. There was supposed to be an insurance income for him from his deceased parents. He had his own credit cards and money to live on.

The media and progressives will obviously be pounding the anti-gun aspect of this event as any cabal with a pre-determined leftist agenda would. What other hay can they make of it? There is an election progressives desperately need to win, and it is coming up soon. We have all lived past that freak show before.

Since Cruz was not killed during his capture a real picture might emerge about what sent him into a psycho-fantasy land.

This tragedy is way more than just anti-gun chest beating. We might get some answers about teenage loners who do these things.

Ed is a long time local activist and the Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers (CNHT).