Blogline of the Day – you can’t be FOR “Animal House” AND be against it at the same time.


Tim Matheson seems to be bemoaning the fact that Animal House couldn’t get made today, while embracing the mindset that would prevent Animal House from getting made today.

That would be Otter – the “debonair” worldly frat boy seducing one gal / woman after another. Who knew that his blacken eye in the movie would give rise to such Cognitive Dissonance in real life today?

I have to admit, “Animal House” is one of my guilty pleasures I indulge in and watch every couple of years.  Each time, I pretty much know what’s going to happen in this VERY politically incorrect movie (did I mention I just laughed throughout “Blazing Saddles” last night?  MONGO!) but still love it.  When I was an RA when it came out, two freshman guys on my flow saw it about 15 times each; over and over and over again to the point they both could repeat the script line for line (yeah, a bit overboard, but hey FREEDOM!).

(H/T: Instapundit)