Yep, ’tis true

by Skip

Shaheen and Hassan love illegal immigrants

And don’t forget that Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie “The Red” Hassan just ripped away the healthcare insurance of 9 million poor kids proving they aren’t kind hearted females but cold killer political hacks driving a Progressive / Socialist agenda that hates Americans and New Hampshireites..

(H/T: FB Anonymous)

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  • Radical Moderate

    Yup, and double Yup.

  • ExNavyNH

    Correction: Hassan was not treasonous. She would have needed to be loyal to New Hampshire at some point to be treasonous. She moved here explicitly as a paid employee of the Democratic Party, for the expressed purpose of getting Democrats elected, and has remained a dedicated servant of the Democrats to this day. She would have lost her election without the votes of Democrats from out of state, who are only allowed to vote here due to a legal absurdity that allows them to vote in NH, instead of voting absentee in their home states, because they are temporarily residing in college dormitories (for which they are paying out of state tuition, while driving cars with out of state registrations, and carrying out of state driver’s licenses).

    Hassan didn’t betray us; she hasn’t been one of us this entire time.

    • Bryan W

      If not a traitor, what do you call her? Almost a spy, under the laws of warfare.

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