Oprah, Weinstein, Ears, and the Presidency – 2

by Mike

Ed posted the excellent question ‘What is Harvey’s ear doing in Oprah’s mouth?’, but there’s more…


Ed wondered whether Oprah’s messing with Harvey’s ear was an “investment,” but there’s much more than that. Just like many Hollyweird stars and of course, the Clintons, Oprah was well aware of Weinstein’s proclivities and remained indifferent as long as it was to her benefit. This graphic by Timothy Bishop at AmericanThinker.com neatly nails Oprah, Weinstein, and the Dems for smug, hypocritical, indifference and arrogance!

And this image by Mike Harris, also over at AmericanThinker.com, REALLY makes the point!

Mike Harris does Oprah

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