Vermont Signs Recreational Marijuana into Law

by Steve MacDonald

big cannabis marijuana plant detail

Vermont just legalized recreational marijuana.

Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, said he signed the bill into law with “mixed emotions” during a private signing, the Associated Press reports. It takes effect July 1. It allows adults to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana and have two mature and four immature plants.

So, no big deal if the cops pull you over unless of course, you happen to be carrying a firearm.


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  • mrwonderful

    STEVE PLEASE!!! You know damn well that what you just posted is the most untrue, unfair and incorrect statement ever. It’s VERMONT! Unless you’ve forgotten – Vermont has THE MOST LIBERAL gun laws in the country. They have essentially NO GUN LAWS. Anyone can carry any legal weapon at any time anywhere. Your “clever” statement that a person in Vermont can be free to have pot but they’d better watch out if they have a gun is ludicrous.

    • granitegrok

      According Federal law, you can’t have marijuana. You can’t have both at the same time, either. Has nothing to do with Vermont law.

      • mrwonderful

        So in this case you’re actually FOR the Federal Govt. over State’s Rights?

        • granitegrok

          I didn’t say I agree with the Fed law but just pointing out the why. In fact, because of the Second Amendment (and here in NH, Article 2-A, we are finally where we should be here in NH – Constitutional Carry.

          In fact, because of the 2nd and 2-A, we ALL should have Constitutional everywhere. Period. If we were to abide STRICTLY by what our Foundational Law states (versus what people read into or add to it to contravene it), that would be the end of that. Full Stop.

          As far as marijuana, other than Congress and the Prez signing a law, is it really Constitutional at the Federal level? I don’t see it as an enumerated Power, so I would say that the Fed law should be repealed. 10th Amendment – States’ power and the law should be done and enforced at that level.

          See – we agree again, Dan (but perhaps for different reasons or reasonings).

          • Nick Martin

            Well, good thing we have Republicans like Jeff Sessions who care so deeply about state rights as opposed to a large powerful Federal government. (sarcasm)

          • granitegrok

            Instead of kvetching about it, what practical things are you doing to put the Fed’s genie back into its 10th Amendment bottle, eh? While some power is being devolved out of the Oval Office as it properly should (back to Congress), who in Congress have you been talking with to move that power shift back to the States?

          • Nick Martin

            Well, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell won’t return my phone calls. So, instead I’m tweeting at Trump quite a bit.

          • granitegrok

            So why haven’t you contacted your own CongressTwits yet?

            Tweeting Trump? Worth a shot but good luck getting through everyone else’s tweets.

          • Nick Martin

            Hmm, well, my efforts seem to be paying off at the same rate as yours.

          • granitegrok

            It took 120 years to get to this point far away from the original intent of the Founders. But for the first time, the Feds are being shrunk, both headcount and regulation, thanks to the present Administration. Consider it an Army of Davids situation.

  • 175jfs

    If you purchase a firearm, sign an ATF form 4473 and having checked off “NO” under section 11e, and choose to partake.
    All you need now is someone to “rat you out.”
    And the feds will charges you.

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