The Gore Who Went Out In The Cold

Riffing off Skip’s post and Brit Hume’s tweet, this cartoon by Ben Garrison nails AlGore perfectly:

An Inconvenient Fraud

IMG_1144Even the polar bears are laughing at him, as well they should, since the polar bear population has grown steadily since AlGore’s infamous “stranded on an ice floe” picture which has been overhyped for more than a decade.Polar bear on ice Meanwhile, don’t forget to read the full article by Marc Morano of CFACT over at, in which he covers the stunning bait and switch by AlGore and his friend ‘Mann made warming’ from “we’re all gonna fry” to “we’re all gonna freeze” while blaming human CO2 emissions for both!

PIG - Climate ChangeFurthermore, Morano quotes two real climate scientists, Joe Bastardi (Who you’ve heard here) and Roger Pielke, who debunk the idea that ‘climate change’ is at work, pointing out that these are common weather patterns, and links to yet more debunking over at

Finally, Marc Morano has authored a new addition to my favorite book series, the ‘little piggies,’ AKA the Politically Incorrect Guides, this one the P.I.G. to Climate Change, due out next month.

Mike Rogers.
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