They Had Sex But Taxpayers Got *******!

Pregnancy-Termination AbortionThe California State Senate has passed a bill sponsored by State Sen. Connie Leyva in support of on-campus abortion services at state colleges. Connie is excited about advancing her contribution to the genocide of pre-born babies. And while there does not appear to be a provision in the legislation for drive-thru services or no-charge RU486 vending machines, you’d be hard-pressed to think otherwise given how important the idea of accessibility to the tools of the chemical abortion trade is to her.

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You can read her complete remarks here. For our purposes, I’ve taken a pull quote and modified it for ‘clarity.’

“Every woman in California, including students at public universities, has the constitutional right to access safe and timely early pregnancy termination.  SB 320 ensures that university students are able to  receive comprehensive  health care services kill their pre-born baby on campus—which includes receiving safe medication baby killing drugs without needless delays or obstacles,” Senator Leyva said.  “Students should not have to travel long distances, pay out of pocket or even miss class or work responsibilities in order to receive health care to kill unborn babies at taxpayer expense at an on-campus facility that is specifically conveniently designed equipped for student health care to kill an unborn baby.

Americans United for Life released this statement expressing their disappointment at the vote.

“Americans United for Life is disappointed that the California Senate is moving forward with legislation that could expose young women to serious health risks. SB 320 would require that on-campus student health centers dispense potentially dangerous medications such as RU-486, despite the fact that these student health centers are not equipped to deal with the numerous complications that can arise. AUL will continue to work with coalitions and groups in California to educate lawmakers on the risks this legislation poses to young women in their state.” Catherine Glenn Foster, Americans United for Life

I’m just guessing but is this one of those circumstances where taxpayers backstopping the abundant availability of a drug is not a shill to the pharmaceutical companies?

And what about potential health risks?

The nations largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, admits that is not equipped to deal with the potential complications but suggesting that a public campus health clinic might not be is probably sexist bigotry.


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