Presidents – guess which one is 71?

by Skip

Heh!  Trick question!


(H/T: Powerline)

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  • A good woman keeps you young, but then again, Bill has Hillary 🙂
    Bill decidedly looming less slick – the ravages of diseases (who knows what he’s picked up?) and of Hillary – no wonder he’s past it – but is he “over the Hill, yet?”

  • It’s just that, when your job remains full time Emperor of the Evil Empire, you ALWAYS end up looking like Sheev Palpatine, AKA: Darth Sidious.
    (Star Wars)

    • If he was any more shriveled in body and soul, he’d be like the Daleks- the radiation-ravaged beings which live inside the metal things we usually see on Dr Who.

  • Jim Johnson

    Gee, I don’t know but does bubba have a heart beat? Perhaps, the impending collapse of the Clinton Foundation is taking it’s toll, however more likely his 26 denials is the culprit.

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