“Non-partisan” – Seriously, Seacoast Online?? You actually want us to believe you?

spinEspecially when the headline of the article is this?

Seacoast progressives meet to set agenda

PORTSMOUTH – More than a hundred Seacoast progressives turned out for an informational session on the upcoming legislative agenda and mid-term elections Thursday night at the Unitarian-Universalist South Church.

Representatives from active, non-partisan campaigns in New Hampshire working to address topics ranging from social justice, education, health care and democracy issues all spoke about specific bills that have been submitted for the upcoming session, which number more than 1,000.

Hahahaha!  Spin city – yet another media attempt to “normalize” socialist wordview people and organization, eh?

“While the unprecedented political circus playing out in D.C. has absorbed a lot of people’s time and attention this past year, there have been important legislative initiatives in New Hampshire that are not getting enough of our bandwidth,” Lisa Cote, an event organizer with Indivisible New Hampshire, said. “Yet, the policies that are being decided in Concord may have far more impact on our day to day lives, and those of our neighbors, than the decisions in D.C. New Hampshire citizen activists have much more influence on our state decision-makers than on national politicians.”

Yeah, like Indivisible is non-partisan?  Nope, not buying it as they are part of the “Resistance” movement against Trump.

Progressives, Indivisible New Hampshire, and later on in the article was Zander Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress (“Zandra Rice Hawkins, executive director of Granite State Progress, addressed proposed legislation that would affect New Hampshire’s Medicaid expansion and reauthorization, in addition to other health care issues. “).  Sorry, Alex LaCasse, this is about as non-partisan as one can get.  There is no way you’d describe US as non-partisan here on the Right, would you, so why would you give a pass to those on the hard Left?