Ingraham Angle: What Really Happened To The DACA Deal

Laura breaks down the DACA deal break down with Jonathan Swan of Axios, Ann Coulter, and Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies:

Axios’ Jonathan Swan was on a couple of shows earlier in the evening, and he had clearly done his homework on how the gang had tried to double-cross Trump, and instead got their asses handed to them!

What has emerged is that the latest diminutive “gang” of senators, containing the usual assortment of RINOs and Dem-holes, tried to sandbag Trump with an immigration deal which actually makes things worse. However, the gang were the ones who got sandbagged because (A) Cotton, Perdue, and Goodlatte were ushered into the meeting room right behind the “Gang of 6”, (B) if Jeff Flake was the one telling you “Mr President, we have an immigration deal,” you’d be suspicious, which Trump was. Then, it turned out that the gang wanted to make Temporary Protected Status for all these denizens of sh!thole countries into permanent residency, and you had the recipe for a humongous blowup.

by Mike

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