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Hypocrisy, Shaheen Is Thy Name

After putting the future of illegal immigrants above that of US citizens, Shaheen demands GOP pay servicemen during HER shutdown!

Jeanne Shaheen Yup. Democrat and Hypocrite are synonyms so often, you’d expect the linkage to be in Roget’s Thesaurus! Having voted to advance the interests of Dreamers illegals over citizens, along with the accurately tagged “Chuck-You” Schumer, and attempting to blame Trump for the #SchumerShutdown, NOW, our esteemed Senator is asking GOP leadership to allow a a bill to move forward which will pay our servicemen and families. Hypocrisy so rank that you can smell it at 100 paces!

From the Union Leader:

“I’m urging Republican leadership to allow legislation to move forward that will allow our men and women in uniform to be paid during the shutdown,” Shaheen said. “They need to be able to focus on their critical missions across the globe that are paramount to protecting this nation, without worrying about providing for themselves and their families.”

Why not just end the #SchumerShutdown ?