Doomsday Moved Up Thanks To Trump?

Nuke the cows

This made me laugh out loud.

A panel of scientists and policy experts moved their Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight on Thursday, citing President Trump’s rhetoric on nuclear weapons, environmental deterioration due to climate change and a lack of trust in political institutions.

Let’s put aside the discrediting fiction of climate change for a moment (if we can) and focus on something with relevance.

A Democrat Administration accelerated the likelihood of a nuclear Iran, and that didn’t move the doomsday clock. The same administration did little to nothing while a militant Islamic power (with aims for global domination) subjugated chunks of the middle east and that didn’t move the clock.

North Korea has had free rein to do as it pleases (since the Clinton Administration) with little more than a tut-tut under 8-years of Obama and Democrats, but that didn’t budge the needle.

Just about every fear that can be imagined, or reported, is a product of Left-wing ignorance or progressive imaginations.

But here comes Trump and what does he do? He puts Iran and North Korea on notice. He helps to destroys ISIS in under a year. He threatens to stop taxpayer funding of non-allies like Pakistan. He removes barriers to military success in the field. He uses energy policy to put pressure on our enemies. He sends words of support to people protesting for regime change in Iran. And he frees the US economy to do what it does better than any other. Address public concerns through innovation and competition.

The Modern American Free Market will do more to make green dreams a reality than any other force in ‘nature.’ Why? Because they want people to choose them over their competition so they work harder and more efficiently to find solutions that will drive sales of products people want and need.

Nobody wants to buy more government, not even Liberals. They don’t want to pay taxes; they want to spend yours. The only commodity that interests them is power. Power to manage a system that protects their authority. And government with no incentive be efficient, affordable, or transparent that thirves on the opposite. That survives by growing its budget and sucking resources out of the economy and your pockets.

And that brings me back to the fiction of climate change.

Even if we were to concede that the man-made CO2 fantasy upon which this rubbish is piled were true progressive government and progressivism are the biggest threat to “The Climate™” that I can imagine.

Talk about sh*thole countries.

So, no, I’m not concerned about a bunch of liberal scientists using the Doomsday Clock to market their tripe. In fact, they are a bit late to the party.

The rejection of Hillary and the Obama era put “the clock” past midnight, over a year ago and the progressives have been screaming about it non-stop ever since.