Democrats: “We must Stay and Work… So Let’s Adjourn”

See if you can keep up. Here is Democrat Representative Steny Hoyer trying to have it both ways (being deceptive or just a moron). He wants to keep the government open and stay and work.  On the getting a continuing resolution:

Hoyer: “I believe we ought to stay here and do our work”

Hoyer: “And I believe we ought to vote to do so. And therefore I will vote, No”

Interrupted by Speaker: “Does the gentlemen have a motion?”

Hoyer: “I have a motion… and that motion is the House do now adjourn.”

Man, I do not know how anyone with a microbe of self-respect votes Democrat. It’s like tattooing “I’m with stupid” on your neck with an arrow pointing up.

* Note: The government is never shutdown, even when people say it is. Don’t fall for it.

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