Democrats: “We must Stay and Work… So Let’s Adjourn”

by Scott Morales

See if you can keep up. Here is Democrat Representative Steny Hoyer trying to have it both ways (being deceptive or just a moron). He wants to keep the government open and stay and work.  On the getting a continuing resolution:

Hoyer: “I believe we ought to stay here and do our work”

Hoyer: “And I believe we ought to vote to do so. And therefore I will vote, No”

Interrupted by Speaker: “Does the gentlemen have a motion?”

Hoyer: “I have a motion… and that motion is the House do now adjourn.”

Man, I do not know how anyone with a microbe of self-respect votes Democrat. It’s like tattooing “I’m with stupid” on your neck with an arrow pointing up.

* Note: The government is never shutdown, even when people say it is. Don’t fall for it.

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