Data Point – killing off Chain Migration would half the inflow of legal immigration

by Skip

The governor and GOP leadership also want to make it easier to get occupational licenses in fields ranging from athletic trainer to well pump installer, with a bill to create an agency with oversight of occupational licensing, now handled by a variety of state boards, commissions and departments.


(H/T: Big Government)

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  • Radical Moderate

    Ending chain migration is not enough, if they don’t kick the DACA ingrates out of the US they must at a minimum deny the legal citizenship and the privilege to vote. They must also end birthright citizenship. If they fail to do so its game over for our Republic because it will mean permanent Democratic rule, at least until they decide its time to vote to change to the popular vote and the change our form of government to Democratic Socialism, which as any informed person knows the “new majority” have the legal ability to do.
    Demographics are destiny.

    • sb

      I just can’t believe our “elected” officials don’t understand this. So what is the Republican party’s end game? Are they really socialists in Republican clothing, creeping in to the party biding their time? I see no other logical explanation why they would want to commit national suicide.

    • Bryan W

      The GOPe does it because they are in it for their short term power gain. The Dem-e are playing the long game for ultimate power and control. (The Stems aren’t sure, they just “feel” for the poor little children who aren’t children anymore, but they pretend they still are and want to cuddle. The #snowflakes aren’t sure what they are wearing tomorrow, only that screaming helps.)

      Think about this – that stupid judge who ruled that the administration cannot end DACA should be impeached immediately – even if he isn’t removed. The GOP’s answer: We don’t want to start an impeachment war. Wake up you idiots!! There should be multiple fronts – Judicial Conduct, Bar Assn Ethics complaint, etc. Reappoint him to a friendly court and ensure he will never have cases to review. Pull the funding for his courtroom and his chambers so it never has power, heat, AC, or computers. Move his office next to the boiler room like Milt. Take away his stapler!!!

      Andrew Wilkow said it best – if the GOP doesn’t not only stop the Progressive train, but set it back 100 years, they will eventually win again and just pick up where they left off. The feckless GOP doesn’t see this. Our only recourse is the Convention of States.

  • mer

    Discontinuity in the Grok? Title and picture don’t match paragraph.
    Looks like a cut and paste error in someones html.

    Oh, I agree with RadMod.

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