Bearded Marxist Tops Fake News Awards

by Mike

Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning ‘economist’, far to the left of John Maynard Keynes, won Trump’s Fake News Awards for the biggest whopper of the year: “The Economy will never recover from Trump’s election!”

Cartoon by Ben Garrison

Once upon a time, there was a Communist Democrat from Delaware who called himself ‘a bearded Marxist.’ The New York Times plays host (because no serious outlet would have him) to the bearded Marxist Economist, Paul Krugman, the man for whom no amount of government spending (and regulation) is ever enough. This genius believes that OBAMA did not spend enough, so we shouldn’t be surprised if he thought the anti-Obama candidate would crash the economy. Trouble is that Krugman is so wrong, so often, that even a broken clock is right more frequently.

In 2017, reduced regulation, an improving business climate, and real tax cuts, literally consigned Krud-man’s prediction to the trash heap of history. Unfortunately, like so many statist ‘economists’, he still has his job, but then, accuracy was never a requirement at the NYT. Even Keynes would laugh at Krud-man, because Keynes believed in government running a surplus during good times and using deficit spending during recessions: Modern Communists Democrats believe in deficit spending in good times, and even more deficit spending during bad times, which leads directly to Jimmy Carter MALAISE.

Good Riddance to Obama’s policies and Krud-man’s credibility!

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  • Kevin Rowland

    This is so accurate. The other so called “Democrat” Robert Reich hack that the socialist flock to for some unexplainable reason has never been right. I listened and read his “intellectual” musings (frankly to see if there is anything there), but I have yet to find is “educated” logic accurate or well reasoned. His only point is that none “Dems” are ill informed, clueless, mislead, racist and dangerous to the economy, environment, and the world. Most of the time I think he is a comedian attempting to be a thoughtful well-reasoned person. They are both intellectual midgets who never truly listen to those with opposite views. Both should go to work as street sweepers.

    • Bryan W

      Street sweepers require some intelligence. I suggest the Ford Factory workers who sit on each side of the assembly line after the painting shed, and peel the protective strip off of the bumper. Reach, grab, wait for the car to move to finish peeling it off for you, toss in the trash. Repeat. The guy I witnessed doing this didn’t even have to look up from his book.


    I would add the four so-called “ambassadors of the people of New Hampshire” to the United States Congress, Shaheen, Hassen, Kuster and the Hyphen. Despite being elected to allegedly represent our interests, all they have ever done is what Pelosi and Reid or Schumer told them to do.

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