AG Candidate Robbed at Gunpoint in Chicago:

by Steve MacDonald

Chicago -image credit Townhall.comAG Candidate Robbed at Gunpoint in Chicago:

Aaron Goldstein, a candidate for Illinois attorney general, and four members of his campaign were robbed at gunpoint Thursday while taking promotional photos.

Because, Chicago!

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  • Jim Johnson

    I’m shocked the Attorney General and four members of his staff were robbed at gunpoint!!!
    Obviously, Illinois’s zero tolerance gun policy is a smashing success criminals have no problem acquiring illegal weapons.
    Hope the promotional photos weren’t publicizing safe neighborhoods.
    Surprised the State’s head law enforcement official did not provide a more detailed description of the perpetrators, to warn the community!
    Particularly in light of police confirmation that this crime was random and not targeted. However, the public should be aware of three fellas between the ages of 20-24.
    Obviously, the youths below were not involved, the public school system edumicated these DACA Youths to the importance of communication the importance of communication.


      Taking a page from Johnny Carson’s Carmac The Magnificant, where he divines the question from the answer, the answer is “one”. The question is: “How many days did I attend school last week”?

  • Jim Johnson

    I like it

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