2017 One of Hottest Years on Record, Except That it Wasn’t

Percent-Of-Days-Above-950-Vs-Year-1917-2017-At-All-US-Historical-Climatology-Network-Stations_shadow-1024x953NOAA and NASA have made it their annual New Years resolution to announce that the previous year was one of the hottest on record. In the case of 2017, it too was one of the hottest (EVAH!) and accomplished this (magically) by having significantly fewer “Hot” days than most of the years that preceded it.

It doesn’t even manage to stay above the downward sloping 100-year trend line for the percentage of hot days recorded at all HCNS stations since 1917.

That’s because you’re all too stupid to know that “hot” days doesn’t mean what you think it means. So shut your traps plebes and let the “experts” get on with the fleecing.