The 20-Year Anniversary Of the Lewinsky Scandal

Monica Lewinsky

While we were all focused on the #SchumerShutdown Mark Steyn reminded us about a twenty year anniversary. The vast right-wing conspiracy. What the meaning of “is” is. Bill Clinton cheating on his cuckquean co-president Hillary (again) this time with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky.

Yes, it was twenty years ago today/Slick Willie taught the intern to play! In a sense, the Clintons have never reached completion – which is why, two decades on, the news is full of Uranium One, Hillary-commissioned dirty dossiers and Huma’s emails – not to mention the exposure of Harvey Weinstein and other Clinton buddies for availing themselves of the same interns-with-benefits approach to the workplace.

William Jefferson’s antics were defended by feminists far and wide at the time many of whom twenty years later were tweeting #MeToo over the “sexual assault” culture they excused or even justified in his defense all those years ago.

Hollywood, media, and government have been on a binge since the halcyon days when women, including his own wife, were making excuses for Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults, covering for him, and attacking his victims. A moral pillar of progressives that continues to this day, despite the public flogging they’ve been giving each other in recent months.

And how appropriate that the (now annual) Women’s March coincides with this anniversary weekend. A celebration accusing Republicans of things Democrats are accused of weekly.

The Women’s March should be about handing out cigars and wearing “stained” blue dresses. Instead, they’re arguing about the meaning of the color pink and the rights of women with penises.

What a country!

And twenty years from now, looking back, will we wonder how we got there from here?

And will tomorrow’s “Democrats” be victims of today’s ideas just like today’s Democrats are the “victims” of Clinton Era?